An update from the committee (2)

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Chair’s Statement  

Hello everyone firstly I would like to say on behalf of all the Billy Steel Dark Blues committee I hope you are well during this difficult time. We now have a date for the season beginning so hopefully we can have something to look forward to.

This season has been a little bit up and down and towards the end of the season we were beginning to pick up so who knows where we would have finished in the league. We ran 9 buses last year to away games and although it was not as many as usual, the support we have received from all of you again was phenomenal. Massive thank you to all who have travelled, Alistair for running the sweepstake on the buses and also St Andrews Executive Travel. We could not run buses without you and again even though we were not playing well at times, our buses and fans were there to get behind Dundee FC.

We hope to see you all again this season. Until the season begins we do have some fundraisers, mainly the 59 Club, which still has some spare numbers so if anyone would like to join that please let us know.

Stay Safe.

Thank you again for all your help


Treasurer’s Statement 

The club’s accounts are looking healthy overall.

Buses continue to be our biggest loss-maker, but because away travel is the core purpose of the club, this is acceptable and is sustainable provided fundraising activities continue. For season 2019/20 the bus losses were reduced (including average loss per bus), however this is partly due to the shortened season – for instance, we had planned to run a second bus to Inverness which always brings a big loss. Also a factor was several games being moved to Friday for TV coverage where we didn’t run a bus, including Ayr Utd, Queen of the South and the second away game against Dunfermline.

Thanks go to Alistair Fraser for ensuring we always sell a full sweepie card on each bus.

The 59 club continues to be the biggest source of net income. There’s currently 9 unallocated numbers – please contact Mark ( if you’re interested in taking one (or an extra one if you already have an entry) at £4 per month.

It seems unlikely that crowds will be able to return to football any time soon, which means we will not be running any buses and as such will have no major outgoings. With prize payments for the 59 club dependent on the entry income, our only regular net outgoing is £9 a month to the Dee Promotions Lottery.   As such, the finances will remain healthy for the coming season.


We still have a good ongoing relationship with St Andrews and we will continue to use them once the season is back up and running. 


We bonus balled one of our Cammy Kerr tops which made £118 and sold out very quickly.

59 club is still ongoing and is still a good source of income for the club as previously stated in Mark’s statement. 

Player Sponsorship

This year we sponsored Cammy Kerr (away) and Kane Hemmings (3rd kit). We voted last year to sponsor a young player also but with little communication coming from the club this fell through. We will take a vote for the next season again when the season is ready to start again. 


The current committee are happy to stay on another year. There has been no interest in anyone new joining. Kirsty as chair would be due to be up for re-election and members of the committee agree she should also stay on.


The committee have discussed and decided that there will be no fees for existing members for the year. Any new members will be able to join for £5. From the 27th June until 11th July any new memberships money will be donated to Dundee FC to support the club. Anyone who wishes to help/donate to this can contact Nicola on

An update from the committee

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We hope you and your families are all keeping safe and well. The committee would just like to get in touch for an update.

Our AGM would have been due to be held before the end of June, but obviously due to the circumstances we won’t be able to hold it any time soon. The committee have discussed and think it may be a good idea for us to have a meeting and send out any notes to members along with the finances for the year to tie up things for the year just past. Anything that we as a club would need to discuss that would concern next season we would look to arrange a meeting when it is safe to do so and when we have a bit more clarity around when the season will be starting. Also once we have communications from the DSA or the club about sponsorship/donations etc.

We are happy to take any questions or suggestions now, and would also be happy to do so once we have had the meeting if there is no objections to us holding it.