Dundee FC “Man of the Match” – Season 2020/2021

The BSDB will be running “Man of the Match” voting for all First Team competitive fixtures played during the season. Members have an opportunity to vote for their Dundee FC “Man of the Match” following each game played and at the end of the season the player accruing the most “Man of the Match” awards** will be nominated by the BSDB to receive an award at the annual “Player of the Year” Dinner. ** The BSDB nomination will be made before the final fixtures are completed but our MotM voting will continue through to the final game.  Please note that voting is restricted to BSDB Members only

Man of the Match vs Raith was Cammy Kerr

 DUNDEE v QOS on the 30th APRIL 2021

Man of The Match

Player        Points

Adam             6

Marshall         4.25
Ashcroft         4

McMullan       3

Anderson       2.25

McGowan       2.25

Sow                 2

Byrne               1

 Afolabi            1

Walcott            1

Hamilton          1

Fisher                1

Cummings   1

Kerr                   1

Elliott            0.5

Dorrans       0.5

McDaid         0.25